How To Clean Wood Kitchen Cabinets with Murphy’s Oil Soap

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Struggling with cleaning cabinets? Let’s find out how to clean wood kitchen cabinets with Murphy’s Oil Soap – a safe cleaner for finished wood. 

A cabinet is the most “busy place” in the kitchen. If you do not know how to preserve this kitchen item, the wood cabinet may get damaged or become an ideal place for insects to grow.

Many factors can cause dirt and dust to build upon your doors, from oil splashes to greasy hands. It is undeniable that if you do not clean the cabinet regularly, the cleaning process will become more time-consuming.

Nowadays, there are many solutions to clean wood kitchen cabinets, but it is one of the easiest and safest ways to use Murphy cleaner.

How to clean the wood kitchen cabinet with Murphy’s Oil Soap so that cabinet’s quality is maintained, and you do not need to spend too much time tidying it up?

Let’s walk through our post today if you want to revive your wood cabinets with a special assistant – Murphy’s Oil Soap.

How To Clean Kitchen Cabinet With Murphy’s Oil Soap?

Step 1

Prepare one bucket of warm water, then add a small amount of Murphy’s Oil Soap.

Please check the manufacturer’s instructions first so you can know the exact ratio of water and soap!

Besides, using warm water will help remove dirt easily.

Step 2

Prepare another bucket with clean and warm water.

Step 3

You dip a cleaning towel (sponge) in the bucket containing a mixture of warm water and Murphy oil.

Make sure that the rag or sponge needs to be squeezed dry. Then, start cleaning every corner of your cabinets.

Step 4

To remove residual dirt and soap, prepare a clean rag (dipped in clean water), and then use it to clean the kitchen cabinet.

Step 5

Although Murphy’s Oil is safe, keep in mind that it is still a good idea to clean your wooden cabinet with a dry rag when completing the above steps.

By doing this, you will ensure that there is no detergent left on the cabinet surface, completely harmless to users.

In conclusion

We all want to keep our cabinets in good condition for as long as possible, and maintaining them is a top priority because the cost is much cheaper than buying a new one or fixing it.

Follow the instructions above, then cleaning wooden cabinets is no longer too difficult or time-consuming.

And that’s everything we can cover about how to clean wood kitchen cabinets with Murphy’s Oil Soap.

After reading this article, we hope you can master wooden cleaning things, especially wood cabinets. Let’s start to make your wood kitchen cabinet shinier and cleaner!

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