How To Clean Glossy Wood Furniture

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Keeping your wood furniture always glossy and shiny is really a challenge!

You absolutely need to clean them after a period of time, but some modern cleaning solution would be too strong and will affect the finish of your furniture.

That’s why you need the following tips to protect their glossy look:

Tip #1: Avoid corrosive chemicals

Choosing the right cleaning solution is an important key to remain the beauty of high gloss furniture.

If possible, you had better buy a kind of cream polish that is specifically designed for high gloss furniture and avoid using a homemade substitute, unless it is simply water with mild dishwashing liquid.

In case you are too concerned about damaging your furniture’s gloss finish, try not to use water directly on the furniture’s surface until you become an experienced person because too much water can warp the high gloss finish.

For the best result, you should try testing any cleaning polishes or water mixtures in a hidden area before using it on the rest of the furniture.

Tip #2: Use a damp cloth

Another key to protect your high gloss furniture is to use a damp cloth, but don’t make it too wet. Just start by slightly wiping the surfaces of the furniture using minimal pressure and straight strokes.

Don’t forget to clean all the wet traces left on the surfaces to prevent spots.

You should never use a dry dusting cloth because it can leave a scratch. Even microfiber cloth is also not good for your furniture as they also create scratches on your furniture.

Dry cloths will ruin the glossy finish and damage the look of your furniture overtime.

Tip #3: Clean with vinegar water solution

In case your wooden furniture is too dirty, you can consider using a mixture of vinegar and water. The formula is actually very simple. In a bucket, mix around half cup of white vinegar into half gallon of warm water.

You may increase the amount of the ingredients if you have to cover a larger wooden surface area. After that, pour this solution in a spray bottle and then spray it or simply dip a rag into the mixture and use it to clean the wooden surface.

Remember that too much water may damage the wood. Therefore, wring the cloth before wiping on the surface. Continue rubbing the cloth in a circular motion. Rinse it when the cloth gets too dirty or use a new one to clean the remaining area.

That’s all

Above are the top 3 tips to clean glossy wood furniture, protecting them to be shiny all the time. The last thing you should always keep in mind is to remove all the moisture left on the wooden surface.

If water penetrates deep inside the wooden surfaces then it will decrease the durability of your furniture.

So after cleaning, you will have to go for a final buffing to remove any remaining moisture from the surface.

And, one more thing, if possible, try to polish your furniture once or twice a year. You can hire a professional person to help you, or do it yourself with vegetable or olive oil.

You will see the difference if you take care of them carefully!!!

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