Best way to clean wood furniture with Murphy’s oil soap

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I bet most of you out there are looking for a cheap useful product to clean your wood furniture. Thousands of cleaning products are advertised on the market.

However, you will need to consider several factors, maybe you have the fear of allergens, a soft spot for protecting the environment or economic reasons, etc.

If that’s the problem, there is a multifaceted product for you, which is called Murphy’s Oil Soap.

Murphy’s oil soap is one of the most popular cleaning products in the US. So many generations have used it to return the natural shine to their wood furniture.

Besides the original Murphy’s oil soap, you can also create a DIY mixture to clean your stuff. You can try the following instruction:

What You Need:

  • Murphy’s Oil Soap
  • Howard Orange Oil (or other orange oil furniture polish)
  • Grade #0000 Steel Wool
  • Soft Rags

And here we go:

Step 1: Mix the Murphy’s Oil Soap with water. Dampen a rag in the mixture and wash your furniture with it. Remember, don’t get it too wet.

You can wipe down with a dry rag if there is a lot of water left on the surface. Repeat until rags no longer pick up any dust.

Step 2: Look at your furniture carefully. If there is still dirt or paint stuck to the piece, rub it gently with very fine #0000 steel wool in the direction of the wood grain.

It may become duller after doing so, but you can use the Orange Oil to make it shiny again. Wash again with the Murphy’s Oil Soap and water to remove dust and dirt that the Steel Wool dislodged.

Step 3: Spray the orange oil on a dry cloth and clean the piece. Orange oil would be very useful in polishing your furniture.

Faded areas may need a little extra oil. If any oil is left on the surface, rub it with a clean, dry cloth and buff to a shine.

Basically, you only need to follow the above 3 steps, your wood furniture will immediately get much better. However, it’s also good to have some notes as below:

  • After step 2, you can use scratch touch-up pen or paint to minimize the appearance of scratches, or better yet use a walnut.
  • Results may vary depending on the original condition and quality of the wood. It may turn out better to those made with a higher quality wood than those made with cheaper wood veneer.

So, now perhaps you wouldn’t need to search for how to clean wood furniture with Murphy’s oil soap anymore.

Although Murphy’s Oil Soap used to be the most popular cleaning product, nowadays, a lot of people have reviewed that their new formula is not as useful as it was in the past.

But it definitely will still be a good choice for your family in terms of  wood polishing.

And you can even use it to complete other tasks like bathroom cleaning, clothing stain removing, plastic surfaces cleaning, metal polishing, etc.

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