Best way to clean wood furniture with mineral spirits

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Mineral spirits (also known as paint thinner) may sound a bit strange to many people, but it can really create a miracle on your furniture.

Before thinking of refinishing the woodwork, you can try cleaning with mineral spirits to see how it will restore the warmth and shine to every surface.

In fact, this stuff has been a part of the painter’s tool kit for a long time, and it’s also familiar to many woodworkers.

However, a lot of people still don’t know how to use it in the right way. That’s why you must read this article. Let’s go to the best way to clean wood furniture with mineral spirits.

First of all, douse a clean and absorbent cloth in the mineral spirits, then wipe down the wood area which needs a refresh. As a solvent, mineral spirits will work to cut through stubborn grime and buildup from polish, wax, and oils.

Next, you can add more mineral spirits to the cloth and continue rubbing the wood surface until the cloth no longer picks up any residue.

I would suggest using a toothbrush or a pad of fine steel wool so that you can access hard-to-reach areas. Then finally, rub again with a clean cloth.

You may be afraid that mineral spirits will cause some damage to wood finishes, but don’t worry. Your furniture will be saved! There’s no risk with this experiment! However, you must be careful when using another stronger solvent!

So, what do you think about the above method? It’s super easy right? Everyone can try it that way.

If you don’t have it on hand, you can easily find it  in a local hardware store or home center, or even buy it online.

It’s nearly always available on every market and most importantly, not expensive at all. Sounds worth trying, isn’t it?

Note: you should bear in mind that mineral spirits are flammable. Therefore, once you are finished with the job, be conscious of where you put the cloth used in the process (or in what manner you dispose of them).

Do not throw them into the trash after using mineral spirits to clean wood or other surfaces. The best solution is obtaining a jar, coffee can, or other container with a lid that can be sealed shut.

Put the cloth inside and submerge them in water. Seal the container and take it to a hazardous waste disposal center or keep it safely stored until your community trash pickup service offers a hazardous waste pickup day.

In a nutshell, compared to stripping and refinishing woodwork, applying mineral spirits is a quicker and much easier revitalizing method.

Maybe it can save your time and money up to years instead of refinishing! Give it a try and you will see the result!

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