Best Way To Clean Wood Furniture With Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil is also a cheap material to help with cleaning your wood furniture. It moisturizes wood and brings out its natural colors.

If you have never heard about this usage of coconut oil, you are on the right page! This article will tell you how to clean every wooden surface with this familiar product!

Actually, there are so many ways to use coconut oil as a polishing tool. You can make your own cleaning solution in a very easy and simple way.

The most popular mixture is coconut oil + lemon juice (yes, just 2 ingredients!!! Isn’t it amazing?).

You will absolutely be surprised at the result. The mixture also brings about an incredibly good smell so you can feel more relaxed during the cleaning process.

After mixing coconut oil and lemon juice, all you need to do is dip a cloth into the mixture and rub a thick coat in your furniture (it’s the best for cutting boards), leave it there for 2 minutes and then polish it with another cloth.

You can also try another formula with 2 parts of oil, 1 part of lemon juice and 1 part of vinegar. Add that to a sealable container and shake it until all the ingredients are emulsified.

Pour some of the mixture onto a soft cloth and rub into the wood. It is a good idea to follow the grain, most importantly as you finish treating it.

Even if you are too lazy to make a mixture, using only coconut oil is also a good option. There are two types for you to choose: refined and virgin coconut oil.

Normally, virgin coconut oil would be much more expensive. But you can try both to see which one works better for your furniture.

Notes for you:

  • “Refined” coconut oil will last longer than “unrefined” coconut oil (also labelled “virgin,” or “cold-pressed”) because the refining process uses high temperatures and chemicals to extract the oil, which filters out most perishable matter. Unrefined coconut oil is pure and natural and therefore will eventually go bad, but not fast enough to be troublesome for polishing furniture.
  • Beside lemon juice and vinegar, you can also add around 10 drops of Lavender essential oil to make the smell more comfortable than ever.
  • The best solution container may be a spray bottle. It’s easy to shake and apply into the wood surface.
  • Ensure the surface is free from dirt and other clutter before applying the mixture onto the surface.
  • Use a microfiber cloth to wipe the surface
  • Keep the product away from children.

Alright, now you have already known how to clean wood furniture with coconut oil and some other ingredients.

I bet you would feel very interested in making your own DIY cleaning solution instead of buying an expensive product on the market.

I’m sure you will be successful with the above formula. Just give it a try now!!!

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