15 Best Stone Drink Coasters You Can Not Miss

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Sipping a cup of coffee in the morning on weekends is so peaceful and relaxing, but coffee stains can destroy it.

However, these top 15 best stone drink coasters below can solve them all! Let’s go to get joyful in your beverage time!

#1. Teivio Sea Ocean Life Coasters

Inspired by ocean life, Teivio created eight pieces in coastal decor theme with blue and ivory-white for each set.

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Materials of Teivio Sea Ocean Life Coasters include absorbent ceramic in the upper layer and cork bottom for the back layer. Hence, it works well in absorbing water.

When purchasing a set of this professional product, you will get a black iron holder.

#2. Lifver Mable Patterns Drink Coasters

You follow a minimalistic style with black and white tones; a set of Lifver Marble patterns Drink Coasters is a great idea.

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A set supplies six pieces only. However, it owns an incredible absorption ability. Within 5-10 seconds, it can sponge the condensation from ice-cold drinks easily.

#3. Juvale Slate Stone Coasters

A set of Juvale slate stone coasters contains eight pieces with a charcoal-black color creating a high-end look for the coasters.

It is made of stoneware for harder and more durable but non-toxic and odorless products.

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Instead of a big, flat cork bottom, Juvale designed four pieces of soft EVA bumper to keep the balance and avoid tearing the table.

You can also check Ultimate Hostess Grey Farmhouse Drink Coaster in the following part to get the same simple but chic styles.

#4. Lifver Timber Texture Pattern Coasters

Like Lifver Marble Patterns Drink Coasters, Lifver Timber Texture Pattern Coasters need 5-10 seconds to absorb spilled cola and coffee stains. How impressive!

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The timber texture is not only simple but also luxurious and natural-like. In case you find this pattern boring, let’s opt Enkore Mandala Patterns Coasters for more lively tones.

#5. Stella Sealants Purple Desert Sandstone Drink Coasters

Unlike the four sets above, the purple desert sandstone coasters from Stella Sealants have a square shape with six pieces for each set.

An interesting fact: there are no two identical pieces in color because they are 100% natural sandstone.

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In addition to Purple Desert, Stella Sealants also have two versions, including Green Forest and Brown Forest.

Take note: it is not accompanied by any holder. However, they stack easily because of the cork bottom.

#6. OH Ovation Home Faux Marble Ceramic Coasters

In comparison with Lifver Marble Patterns Drink Coasters, this product is brighter with an off-white color.

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The manufacturer applies a UV printing process for durable patterns with long and frequent uses.

Especially, they offer a 30-day return if you find any bad experience with the product. It’s worth a try!

#7. JIC gem Natural Geode Stone Coasters

Suppose Stella Sealants purple desert sandstone drink coasters are square and Lifver Timber Texture Pattern Coasters are round.

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In that case, this product from JIC gem has irregular shapes with three sizes consisting of 3-3.5 inches, 3.5-4 inches, and 4-5 inches.

JIC Gem uses natural agate material alternately to create their unique coasters. Each slice is one of a kind that you cannot find anywhere else. They are the best stone drink coasters to style your home.

If you want to find another unique set, you can consider Marbco Sandstone Absorbent Coasters below.

#8. Ultimate Hostess Grey Farmhouse Drink Coaster

Ultimate Hostess Grey Farmhouse Drink Coasters are of attention. Each set includes three styles of Chevron, Moroccan, and Trellis. They are neat and fashionable with light gray and navy blue.

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Made from porcelain, the product is comfortable and lightweight but vulnerable.

The manufacturer should consider the solution of Enkore Stone Coasters in Protective Rubber Casing to keep their products last longer. What is the solution? It’s right below.

#9. Enkore Stone Coasters in Protective Rubber Casing

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All four pieces of the product are attached to rubber casings that protect the coasters and your table.

After use, you should wash and dry it out before wearing the casing again. You can also take the casing off because the coasters are cork-backed already.

#10. Lahome Marble Pattern Coasters

While OH Ovation Home Faux Marble Ceramic Coasters are off-white, Lahome Marble Pattern Coasters are more joyful and vivid with golden and pastel colors.

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You can choose a set of four pieces or six pieces with different versions, including blue, soft pink, and blue ocean.

This version also has a competitor named Nasema Kitchen Marble Lines Coasters with similar patterns. So stay tuned to see this product in the post!

#11. Marbco Sandstone Absorbent Coasters

Marbco doesn’t choose round or square shapes; they choose an octagon shape for their product.

With 100% natural sandstone materials, The Marbco Sandstone Absorbent Coasters are water-absorbent. When it is wet, the color becomes darker and prettier.

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In contrast, AD set of six Colorful Coasters are painted carefully onto the sandstone. Find more info about it below.

#12. Enkore Mandala Patterns Coasters

If Enkore Stone Coasters in Protective Rubber Casing own natural and moderate appearances, their sibling – Enkore Mandala Patterns Coasters are painted with crystal clear details.

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The manufacturer uses UV ink technology for permanent prints for long-lasting vibrant colors that mostly never fade away or scratch off.

#13. AD Set of 6 Colorful Coasters

If you get bored with a simple tone of OH Ovation Home Faux Marble Ceramic Coasters, this AD set of six colorful coasters is the best stone drink coasters to light your day up!

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Using bright colors such as white, blue, and orange, AD has designed six patterns for this product.

While other products such as Lahome Marble Pattern Coasters and Juvale Slate Stone Coasters are suitable for your workplace or lavish places, this set is much more suitable for a kitchen where you can feel the coziness and peace.

#14. ENKORE Stone Coaster For Drinks Absorbent

Like its siblings mentioned above, ENKORE Stone Coaster For Drinks Absorbent can absorb the sweat of cold beverages quickly and effectively thanks to thirsty sandstone.

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You cannot get this amazing ability when using a product made from agate like JIC Gem Natural Geode Stone Coasters above.

With bigger sizes of 4.6 inches, this product can cover the bottom of a soda can or a beer stein!

#15. Nasema Kitchen Marble Lines Coasters

The last one in our “15 best stone drink coasters” is Nasema Kitchen Marble Lines Coasters.

Its magical design gets your attention from first sight for sure! The pattern looks like 3D art that is vivid and lively with the combination of navy blue, golden, black, and white.

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This set of coasters is absolutely perfect for opulent places like the White House!


Fifteen sets of the best stone drink coasters; which one is your favorite? Please leave the comment below to let us know.

If you want to recommend any product, do not hesitate and share it with us. Now, it’s time to decorate your house and office with such nice coasters!

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