15 Best Silicone Drink Coasters for Coffee Aholics

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 Need a review on a variety of silicone drink coasters for glasses? We got your back! Below is an honest review of the 15 best silicone drink coasters. Read on!

As a coffee drinker, perhaps one of your fears may be the steam of the glass stays on the table, or the cup slips fall apart.

To avoid these situations above, all you need is a coaster. A coaster is much more than a place to leave a drink, but it also helps prevent the tabletop from condensation, even artistic as a decoration on desks.

However, you don’t know which coasters are the best for you because there are thousands of coasters types.

So we are here to give you a trustworthy review of the 15 best silicone drink coasters!

Let’s scroll down right away!

#1. Barvivo Drink Coasters Set- Best silicone drink coasters

These water-resistant silicone coasters can be utilized for much more than just protecting your tabletops.

You can use them to protect your drinks from insects when outdoors, like a rivet for hot pans replacing traditional wooden studs or even as a jar opener.

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The great idea about these coasters lies in their unique and delicate packaging. You can hand it to your friends as a gift on special occasions. They will indeed love these coasters.

#2. BOHO Mandala Coasters

This kind of silicone drink coaster possesses a non-sticky front and non-slip back design.

It means the 3D surface decorated ensures that six coasters are not sticky front to tabletops or glass when they are wet.

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Besides, these enduring coasters are heat-resistant, non-slip back, and protect the environment. The color or the shape won’t change even when you use them for a long time.

#3. OXO Good Grips Coasters

With the concave design on both sides, you can reverse the other side to hold the cup.

Furthermore, the groove pattern is the unique design of this brand, which helps keep the liquid from leaking out to the tabletop.

Since they are made of solid silicone, you can put them in a dishwasher.

#4. Le Creuset Silicone French Coasters

The Le Creuset coasters are inspired by the exquisite French architecture, bringing a sense of luxury to the users.

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Furthermore, they are constructed with stain-resistant and non-abrasive silicone. They are resistant to heat up to 482⁰F.

#5. ME.FAN Silicone Coasters

Unlike other coasters, ME.FAN coasters are innovations with new thickened and deep tray designs. Notably, the coasters’ thickness is 0.28” / 7mm, which will prevent any burns or freezing.

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At the same time, the deep-rimmed design can hold more water spilled than usual. The diameter is 3.9” / 10 cm, which is considered a large size that fits all ordinary cups, also enough for large mason jars or glassware.

#6. HFHOME Drink Coasters Set

As you can see, with the grooved designs, these HFHOME Silicone coasters are sure to do an excellent job of anti-slip and non-scratch.

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Plus, they look fashionable with the elegant metal holder, which few other coasters products own.

#7.  MOSAICANA Coasters

The first impression you see of this type of coaster is the color design you can’t see anywhere. This design is from 3D geometrical models from ancient history.

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In addition to their primary use as drink coasters, you can also use them as home decorations or as gifts for friends and relatives.

#8. YunKo QUTE Cat Cup Mat Silicone Rubber Coaster

YunKo QUTE silicone rubber coasters win a place in many users’ hearts because they can absorb any moisture and protect the table.

Also, they never leave any marks or stains on your desk. Besides these usages, users can utilize them as hot pads or trivets.

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In fact, few people use them as coasters instead of using them as decorations. They want to show them off because they’re too cute to spoil.

#9. Joyfree 5PCS Silicone Rubber Coaster

This is a colorful animal-shaped rubber coaster made of upgraded, flexible, and durable silicone in terms of materials.

Thus, they will help protect the table surface from hot and cold drinks.

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At first glance, these coasters may seem similar to YunKo coasters brands, but this kind of Yoyfree coasters has a wide range of cute shapes and colors such as Green Frog, Orange Fox, Blue Cat, White Panda, and Pink Pig.

#10. Red Co. Black Silicone Coasters

These black mugs originated in Japan, so they have the style of minimal Japanese design.

Moreover, they also help protect surfaces from blemishes and scratches because they are made of highly durable,  non-porous, flexible, non-slip silicone rubber.

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Also, with the size of 4 “H x 4” W, users apply them as dishes for animals such as hamsters or cats.

#11. MECOWON Coasters

Unlike other coasters, these can also act as phone holders. You can set your phone exactly as you want. The mobile phone can be placed vertically or horizontally. It’s dependable on your kinds of phones.

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This helps you relax more; you can both drink tea or coffee while watching movies without having to hold the phone with your hand.

#12. Datyson Coasters

They are not the same as absorbent coasters of 4″ size; these 5-inch cup coasters are big enough for coffee cups and big beer glasses. So, they are suitable for your home, office, end table, pub, or dorm room.

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The different embossed back ensures that six coasters don’t stick to the table or glass when wet.

Besides, the permanent mugs are non-slip, heat-resistant, and environmentally friendly. There is nearly no change in appearance or form even when you hold cups into them for a long time.

#13. L-COOL SCCO Coasters

This coaster set is constructed from BPA free and will not produce any harm to your life. It is soft but holds a rugged versatility that gives it extremely long-lasting properties.

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In particular, it can be used for hot drinks up to 200 ° C or cold ones at -40 ° C without any damaging impacts to countertop coverings.

#14. LUX Essentials Mosaic Silicone Drink Coasters

This set of 6 multicolored, enduring, imbibing liquid mugs are convinced to be outstanding.

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They are composed of 100% silicone materials and incredibly skid-resistant, which helps them work effectively with hot and cold liquids.

#15. Planet Ethnic Blue Moroccan Tile Coasters

These mugs are inspired by Authentic Moroccan Tile design. Thanks to their 3D mounted outsides, it also contains the amount of condensed liquid dripping from your frozen glasses.

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Also, unlike most of the coaster sets of other brands where you get just four coasters, now you receive 6 in this set. It is an excellent worth at this cost.

Wrapping up

After the 15 best silicone drink coasters, we hope you can figure out your favorite coaster sets.

After all, you may not confuse which one is the best. In fact, there is no ultimate winner. The reason is that all of them are made of silicone, so it is a non-sticky front and non-slip back mugs.

Therefore, the most significant differences among them are the designs, colors, and shapes.

It’s up to your decision!

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